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Art Book "Quiescent Time: Listening To Your Heartbeat" will be released


An art book by Mei Homma, an artist based in Indonesia and Japan. Referring to cultural and historical backgrounds, Homma has been focusing on the history of women, which has not been talked about much, and since 2019 she has been creating videos, photographs, and installations on the theme of sexual and reproductive health and rights related to women's bodies, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Through her own experience of pregnancy and childbirth in 2020, she became more interested in the changes in the female body and the systems that surround it. She has also begun to make knitted and embroidered objects because she had to spend more time at home during pregnancy. 
The image of pregnancy and childbirth that is generally represented often does not match the actual experience, and knowledge about them is shared only among women who have experienced them. In this newly produced art book, she collects photographs using everyday objects to imagine the changes in the body and the time that passed at that time, and compile conversations with nine artists and researchers.

Conversation: Ika Vantiani (Art worker) / Mei Homma
Conversation: Yui Usui (Artist) / Mei Homma
Conversation: Yukiko Nagakura (Artist), Asako Taki (Activist / Artist / Art coordinator) Interviewer / Mei Homma
Conversation: Ayaka Ura (Artist), Megumi Tsuga (Art fan living in Kanagawa) 

                    Interviewer/ Junya Utsumi (Curator), Mei Homma
Conversation: Yuki Iiyama (Artist) / Natsumi Sakamoto (Artist) / Mei Homma
Interview:       Akiko Yamasaki (Professor, Faculty of Human life and Environment, Nara Women's University),                                      Interviewer/ Mei Homma

Release date    Around October 2021: PDF file (English) to be distributed on this website for free


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Screening at e-flux artist cinemas Faraway, So Close Convened by Koki Tanaka
Speculative Fiction: Practicing Collectively
will be shown from 17th May - 23rd May

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